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Naoshima Collection 🇯🇵



Naoshima Restock - Immediate Notification

As you may know - We have only released these once this year and it sold out very fast. We are only doing this to give a few of you a chance at our famous items before we continue with our new collections.

We're taking a quick trip to Naoshima Island 

We initially had no plans on releasing these again; however, we are getting bombarded with love for our Naoshima items on the daily. Thank you so much for the continued support ❤️

With this, we have worked towards creating a special limited release alongside a few surprises for the coming weeks. 

Thank you so much for a successful 2018. We have been doing a lot of background work for 2019 over the past few weeks (hence our silence). With this, we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to aim towards solidifying our brand. 

Many of you have claimed that we are one of the most underrated brands out.

We're aiming to change this for 2019 and show the industry what we're capable of.

We are nothing without you and hope that you continue to use our brand as an avenue to express the power of silence through your victories and reflections in the year to come 🙏